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Privacy Policy GreenPro International B.V.
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This page is last updated on 26/08/2021.

We at GreenPro International B.V. have always considered the safe and secure processing of your personal data a top priority. Our goal is to diligently follow all the rules and regulations regarding the protection of your personal data. This policy outline is designed to help you in a variety of ways; such as clarifying which information we gather and how that information is used. You’re always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your information. GreenPro International B.V., (”GreenPro International B.V.”/”we”), are personally responsible for processing your personal data.


Use of our services

When you sign up for one of our services, we ask you to provide personal information. This data is used to be able to perform the service. The data is stored on secure servers of GreenPro International B.V. or that of a third party. We will not combine this information with any other personal information we have.



When you send e-mail or other messages to us, we may preserve those messages. On occasion we ask you for your personal details that are relevant to the situation in question. This makes it possible to process your questions and answer your requests. The data is stored on secure servers of GreenPro International B.V. or that of a third party. We will not combine this information with any other personal information we have.


Your rights

You have a right to know which of your personal data we use. This can be provided through a process known as a registry extract. If you have an account, you can log in to My Pages to see which data we have on you, for ex: contact information.


We want to ensure that your personal information is correct and up-to-date. With that in mind, you have the right to request the correction of inaccurate data about you. If the information you provided changes (for ex. if you change your e-mail address, name or payment information) or if you wish to delete your account, simply contact our customer service.


Regarding instances involving the ways in which we process your personal data through the consent provided by you, you always have the right (at any time) to withdraw your consent regarding that processing. You are also entitled to oppose some processing, for example direct marketing purposes and newsletters. In some circumstances, you even have the right to have your personal information deleted or blocked. This does not apply if we are required by law, for example, to preserve or otherwise process the information or if the information is required to fulfill an agreement with you.



Cookies are small text files used by our sites in order to provide users a more effective, customized experience on site. The purpose of the cookie is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity. Many online retailers use cookies to keep track of the items in a user’s shopping cart as they explore the site.  Without cookies, your shopping cart would reset to zero every time you clicked a new link on the site.  That would make it impossible to buy anything online!


Obligatory cookies

Obligatory cookies are required for the site to function properly. Without these cookies, base functions such as page navigation and the ability to log into your user account would not be possible. We even gather some information through cookies, for analytical purposes, in order to improve our site and provide us the information necessary to effectively advertise. In some cases, this cookie data is shared with our partners, for example in cases of collaborative-marketing in which we share a pseudonymized order number to connect sales and returns with traffic from these partners. In such cases, IP addresses are shared with these partners to prevent fraud, but they are not saved any longer than necessary. Processing of cookies in this category is based on our mutual interest to understand and improve the ways in which our site is used and to convert our partners into traffic on our site via their channels.


Settings enable the site to remember information which affects the way the site functions or looks. This can be, for example, which types of cookies you wish to use.



We use information about how you use the site, your order history and other identifiers to offer you a better experience, customized to meet your preferences, on our site. This means you can be pointed in the direction of personal promotions and offers which focus on products you like. Note that we will never process sensitive data about you, such as your order history of intimate products and the like, in order to customize the site.


Cookie Settings

Note that settings for cookies are attached solely to the web browser in which you specified the settings. Thus, you may need to update your preferences on multiple platforms, if you use a variety of web browsers. You have the same right and possibility to deactivate cookies according to that which is described above.


How to Remove Cookies

If you no longer wish to use cookies, aside from deactivating the ones mentioned above, you can turn off cookies in the settings of your web browser. You can even set your browser to notify you each time our site attempts to place a cookie on your computer.

You can also delete past cookies through your web browser.

How you remove cookies depends on which browser you use.

You can find that information here:




If you have any questions regarding how we process your personal data, you are always welcome to contact us at [email protected]. If you are unsatisfied with the answers you receive from us or how we process your data, you are entitled to file a complaint with the corresponding supervising authority


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